Responsive Design Explained

If you're thinking about redoing your company website right now then the chances are you'll be wondering how on Earth you're going to get your website to look its best for whatever size screen it gets viewed on. In the not-so-distant past, a common solution was to produce two websites, one for desktop browsers and a second for mobile devices. However, double the designs of course equals double the design work, double the testing and double the coding!

This is where responsive design comes in. Rather than going to the trouble of creating two seperate designs, here at Hyperext we create a "one size fits all solution" that responds dynamically to whatever screen it is being displayed on. How so? By using the latest CSS techniques, we are able to resize images, backgrounds and other content to seamlessly fit into the screen it is being displayed on. Want to try it out for yourself? If you are reading this on a desktop, try resizing your browser window and see what happens!

This kind of responsive design can make a huge difference to your website. Gone are the days when you needed a seperate site for mobile browsers! Now you can create a website which displays anywhere and keeps it's functionality across all platforms. Why not get in touch with Hyperext about a responsive website today!

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