Creating Software & Integrating Systems

We believe that in Software, as in Business, as in Life... There's always a better way!

Everything we do is centered around helping you find a better way to run your business, to make life easier for you and your team and to enjoy the mutual success that comes from finding better ways of working and living. We call this The Hyperext Way.

The Hyperext Way is all about Selecting, Utilising, Designing, Developing, Integrating, Implementing and Supporting great web based software systems in bold and exciting new ways, often pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within a given budget.

If your thinking about investing in software the question you need to ask yourself is not "is it possible?" but "is it feasible?". The trick when developing great business software is to balance technical requirements with commercial benefit. As a general rule of thumb you need to constrain your requirements to a level that will allow your investment to pay for itself in 24 months or less.


What types of business does Hyperext support?

Hyperext has helped businesses across a diverse range of sectors including:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Technical Services
  • Recruitment
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Medico-legal
  • Local Government
  • Energy and Infrastructure

Regardless of sector we find that the single biggest differentiator in how any business operates is based on whether it is a Service Business or a Product Business and we understand the common processes in each.


At what stage can my business choose the Hyperext Way?

New Businesses: when you need someone to help you create innovative one off web systems that bring your unique new business idea to life

Growing Businesses: when your team are reaching the limits of what they can achieve on spreadsheets and the service levels are starting to drop

Established Businesses: when you realise that you've arrived at a situation where you have invested in a number of systems over the years and none of them are talking to each other

Successful Businesses: when you're looking for ways to automate your way out of the 9-5 by systemising your business processes from start to finish


What are the benefits of the Hyperext Way?

Hyperext uses the latest Web, Cloud and Mobile application technologies to deliver a range of benefits to our clients including:

  • Improved Service Levels
  • Higher Morale and Productivity
  • Better Informed Customers
  • Greater Transparancy & Visibility
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Real Time Status Reporting
  • Accurate Management Information
  • Increased Profitability

Our strategy is always to explore the potential value we can add to your business and to work in close partnership with your key people to create software that fits 'hand in glove' with your business processes.

Our experience teaches us that a predictable and measureable cost base allows businesses to tightly control their margins and focus more on the high margin products or services, which ultimately leads to more cash in the bank!


The Techy Stuff

At Hyperext we are geared up to develop great websites, web apps & mobile web apps using Sencha ExtJS 4, Sencha Touch, Symfony 2 and PHP 5. We are well versed in Wordpress and Drupal too. In addition to open source technologies we are skilled in Microsoft technologies.

Our team have vast experience of integrating external systems such as Sage and Xero into our projects, so if you have an API we have the skills to implement it.

Our design team are well versed in producing sleek, standards-compliant websites using the latest CSS3 and HTML5 techniques. We are experts in responsive design, so we can produce web apps that look great in all browsers large and small.

We don't profess to have all the skills you could possibly need to design, develop and market your website but we do have a great team of creative partner organisations who we frequently work in harmony with to provide the optimum blend of Marketing Strategy, Branding, Photography, Copywriting, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing to compliment our Web Design & Development skills and make your website project a great commercial success.