Hyperext | Are you considering using Sencha for your App Development?
Hyperext discusses what Sencha has to offer and who the Sencha Development platform is right for
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Are you considering using Sencha for your App Development?

Are you considering using Sencha for your App Development?

If you’re involved in creating web applications then you’re probably always on the look out for a development platform that will help make your life easier. It makes sense to look around and try to find a platform that has the features for you – so today we’re going to discuss what Sencha has to offer, and who the Sencha Development platform is right for.


What is Sencha?

The Sencha platform is a web application development framework which allows the user to design, develop and test their own web applications with relative simplicity. Crucially, it is a cross-platform tool – meaning that the applications produced using the Sencha development framework can be used in any browser and on any device.


It’s also designed to integrate well with your existing software, so you can easily make use of your application once it has been created. This has allowed the companies that use Sencha to create apps which easily integrate into the user’s daily life.


Why is Sencha Important?

Sencha has a bunch of great features that make it an important and powerful tool, as it has been designed to make the app development process as simple as possible for the designers and programmers.


This includes features such as a single coding paradigm – which helps to speed up the process and improve productivity, the ability to test as you go, and a focus on building the application features that will be most crucial for success.


Essentially, then, the Sencha development system is important because it gives you the framework you need to build an application that has the right features – and to build it quicker and smarter than you might otherwise be able to.


Is Sencha Right for Me?

If you’re looking for a Javascript framework then there’s a good chance that Sencha is just what you need, and in particular it is useful for enterprise companies that want to create an effective application and bring it to market quickly.


Sencha is also a great choice for newer developers, as there is a lot of support and documentation available to help you get to grips with the process. With the inclusion of predefined layouts as well as custom design patterns, it’s also easy to customise your application while still cutting down on valuable programming time.


This guide should have given you an initial overview of what Sencha offers – and we hope it helps you decide whether or not it’s the right framework for your needs.

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