Hyperext | How much does (or should) a new website cost?
Hyperext discusses how much you should pay for a new website, taking into account all aspects of the build
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How much does (or should) a new website cost?


How much does (or should) a new website cost?

A website is the go-to destination for your business. It’s just as important for a telephone number or an email address, because a website represents the first step towards a sale for the majority of your customer base, many of whom will identify you for the first time by locating your site, either by manual input or via a search engine. It’s important to have a web presence, but you may be at the point where it’s time to consider your next website.


When getting a new website, it’s crucial to determine your budget more than anything. Sure, there are a lot of things that you’d like your site to do, but can you really afford it? On the flip side, are there methods by which you can achieve your desired site by spending less, capitalising on tricks of the trade and advice on streamlining web services without comprising their delivery by the likes of our organisation, Hyperext? Here are some of our tips on how to ensure you correctly budget for your website.


Before doing anything, consider your company size. If you’re a large-scale business with dozens of employees and a turn-over into five or six figures, then of course virtually any site is possible. If you’re a one-person operation, however, and every pound that you earn makes a difference, then you’ll have to adjust your budgetary expectations accordingly. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle: you have a modestly-sized team of employees who do a very good job, and you’re definitely performing well enough to expand your web operations, but pie-in-the-sky concepts are still not an option. You will know yourself what is possible based on how the company is doing, but not everybody takes this into account. So, it’s very important that you do, otherwise everything that comes thereafter may be futile.


But let’s assume that you’ve taken company size into account. The next thing is, what do you want your website to deliver? Will the focus be on video and social media elements? Might you be looking to provide regular blog updates, which may require WordPress functionality? Maybe the emphasis is on providing a portfolio or an image gallery, which needs to be operating at a high quality, from image resolutions to perhaps allowing your customers to upload images themselves as a way of previewing items that they may order. It’s likely that you’ll require some sort of order form to be integrated too. Either way, draw out a mind-map of your ideas for the site, what you want the new site to achieve, and what you want the site to look like. This makes it a lot easier for a web developer such as ourselves to match your vision, and once you know what you want, you can start thinking about how much it will cost.


Now, with regards to costs, there really is no easy answer. It depends on what you want but, more importantly, it depends on how advanced you want the different website functionalities to be. Are you just happy to have a YouTube video embedded into your home page, with the option to alter the profile clip via HTML/CSS coding, or are you looking for a full video-creation suite to exist within your site? Is your form going to be basic, with name/address/contact details and then a message, or might it be a multiple-choice scenario, with drop-down options leading to a variety of outcomes, a trait common amongst larger businesses with offices around the world? The extent to which you want these elements to be integrated will go a long way towards determining your prices, though it’s safe to say that the more advanced you want the site to be, the greater the cost will be.


At that point, you then have to think about budget more carefully. Is the ability to integrate video-creation or image uploads justifiable to what it may cost as part of the website development process? Can you get away with a basic form option without it impacting negatively upon your business? A question which not many businesses do ask which they should is: “Does the potential new website, for these costs, actually improve upon the site that we already have?” You would think that everybody would ask this question, but not a lot of folks do. Funnily enough, such parties are amongst those who may later regret investing into a website that, ultimately, doesn’t meet their expectations. Bear in mind that if you have a large customer base who like how your site currently looks, can you meet their expectations, ensuring that they’re happy rather than disappointed with the new-look site?


Budget is crucial when answering these questions, because if your allotted cash means that developing a site which ticks off all these boxes represents a bargain, then the decision becomes a lot easier. However, if a smaller budget means that you’ll have to overspend in order to develop a site which really does improve upon your existing online destination, then it’ll require some serious thinking and some number-crunching in order to justify the decision.


Ultimately, your budget is the most important factor when getting a new website developed. It’s one thing for you to conjure up what a new potential website could look like, but it’s another thing to make it happen, and these things do cost. So, you have to think very carefully about how the prices of developing the site will affect your budget, and whether the new-look site truly justifies the costs. Fortunately, we here at Hyperext are driven by function, so any sites we develop for you will create a site that integrates your desired functions to the highest possible standard, and we will discuss many website development package options with you to ensure that it works with your budget, and ultimately delivers what your business needs.


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