Hyperext | How much should your web app cost?
Hyperext explains how much you should be paying for your web app and why
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How much should your web app cost?


How much should your web app cost?

With so many digital agencies around offering completely different prices, it’s difficult to determine how much you should be paying for your own web app.


Web apps can change the way your business works. Whether you want to create something to process your sale orders or to keep track of appointments, having all of this in one place makes everyone’s life that little bit easier.

At Hyperext we believe the price of anything should be beneficial to both our customers and ourselves. We don’t want to charge through the roof for anything, no matter how great our products may be, which is why we believe in a fair price. Our prices range massively depending on what it is you want, starting with basic web apps at around £3,000, to bespoke, fully integrated web apps worth up to £150,000.

When looking for someone to develop your web app, it’s important you consider their experience and study their previous work. Do they have experience creating online portals or integrating with different software? These are things that will add to your price so it’s worth making sure they will be done well.

Another thing to consider is what do you want your web app to do? The more complex it is, the more you’re going to get charged because, don’t forget, you’re paying for someone’s time as well as the web app build itself.

One bespoke app Hyperext developed for a large marketing company cost a little over £8,000. This company needed an app designed around an on-going project, which could essentially act as a non-public facing, company wide diary and they needed it fast. Every year we work on updating this specific app and adding new features that support this ever-evolving business’ needs.

Another company approached us with a completely different idea for a web app. They wanted an app where pet owners could register their pet’s microchips. This developed into a three tiered project as the app needed to be accessed by admin staff as well as needing to allow pet owners to access only certain areas while also hosting the front facing website. This web app cost between £20,000-£25,000 which highlights just how much the ability of your app affects the price.

Working closely with the developer and making them aware of your budget and your expectations means you will be able to reach a compromise, which suits both parties. But always be careful not to compromise the quality of your app.

Remember, you’re not only paying for the app to be built, you’re paying for it to be designed, built and tested.

If you’re a niche company, then you should be careful which software development company you approach. Finding a company who specialise in building apps for your specific business sector might not reduce the cost but you can be sure the app will be of the highest quality.

One way around a hefty bill is to invest in a web app system a business has already created. You can then work with them to make small adjustments to make it better suited to your business.

An example of this is a company who came to us wanting to invest in a sales order processing product we had already created, however needed it to be based on newer technology. We charged around £18,000 for this, though had the product not already existed it could have cost nearer to £30,000 to develop from scratch. The MD of the company has since praised Hyperext’s software saying:

 “Using this software, I grew a £1million business into a £4million business with only one admin staff.”


Ultimately, the price of a web app varies massively depending on what it is you want. The more complex it is, the more it will cost. However, if you find the right developers the price will most definitely be fair .

Hyperext are driven by function so will always make sure we work with you to create a web app to support your business growth and adds real value.


Emily Wade