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Sage Accounts API Vee Two

Sage Accounts API Vee Two

Version two of our REST API for Sage50 accounts is currently under development.

V2 has a number of new exciting features that will make your business processes even more efficient and productive!

Some of the new features include:

  • More detailed error codes given with responses, making consumption of errors easier – Getting an error and unsure what you’ve done wrong? V2 error messaging will advise you’re missing or done wrong e.g Incorrect nominal code of missing required field.

  • Up to date software package versions. For example .net

  • Faster request processing! If you are a current user of our API, V2 will make your automated workload processes even faster than they already are!

  • API standards
    • Conventions influenced by JSON:API . This means consistency across all endpoints!

  • All fields for a given table responded to on a GET request

  • Swagger docs – V2 uses swagger docs as its new API documentation. Swagger docs will be easier to understand and lets you see how the different endpoints works and what data you need to be passing through to receive a successful response.

  • Relationships between resources:
    • Relationships between entities. For example, a customer will have invoices so the following endpoint can be utilized: customer/{accountRef}/invoices.
    • Include related data for a relationship. For example, a customer and their invoices can be returned from the following endpoint and query: customer/{accountRef}?include=invoices.
    • Links in the responses detailing how to access related resources directly

The above examples are just a couple of examples of the many new features of V2.

If you are a new client and you are interested in Vee Two of our API, please make an enquiry

If you are an existing client and want to be notified when Vee Two goes live, please email our support inbox.

Charlotte Beadle