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At the heart of every web project is this deceptively simple question: what do you want this thing to do? We are driven by function. If you're not looking for a website or web app that will transform your business, don't call 01744 69 79 29
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Hyperext makes your data flow smoothly between your Sage 50 software and your CRM / Website / Warehouse / Analytics to support your business growth.

Software Development to Software Integration

As Software Developers, Hyperext started out using web technologies to build bespoke business management systems and went on the journey with our clients as their businesses grew and evolved. Over the years we’ve come to realise that most business owners don’t have the time or budget to invest in a bespoke end to end business system that supports the many unique processes of their business. Everyone’s looking for a ‘quick fix’ or an ‘off-the-shelf’ software tool that will save a bit of time and help get the job done.

Solving the API to API integration challenge

Hyperext specialise in making third-party APIs talk to each other by developing ‘middleware’. Our middleware solutions are currently saving our customers 10’s of thousands of man hours every year by ensuring business data flows easily, accurately and continuously between their systems including Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Payroll, Zoho CRM, Linnworks, Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Interiapp and various bespoke CRM/ERP systems.

Shopify Sage Connector

Save time and avoid human error by using our Sage 50 Connector for Shopify to automate your Sales Order Processing. It also updates your customers via Shopify when you dispatch their orders.

Systems Integration

Are you streamlining your business and looking for a way to integrate your finance, CRM, e-commerce systems for a more efficient workflow and better performance insights? We can help!

Sage 50 Accounts API

Read and write data to and from Sage 50 Accounts in real-time via HyperAccounts, our REST API for Sage 50 Accounts. With over 90% coverage of the Sage Data Object library, this is the market leading solution.

Sage 50 Payroll API

Integrate your Timekeeping and HR Systems with Sage 50 Payroll in real-time using HyperPayroll, the only REST API solution on the market for Sage 50 Payroll desktop software.


Functional Development.

Functionality is a way of life. It’s a belief system. Great software doesn’t just look good, it works intuitively to make life easier.

We get a real buzz out of making your life easier. When you show someone a button that saves them 2 days of tedious work every week in a single click, you get some pretty positive reactions.

The goal is always to simplify the user experience and make your business more competitive, profitable and enjoyable.

Performance is King

Well written software continues to function quickly as the load is increased by adding users and growing your database.

Hyperext are continually working to deliver the fastest user experience for all our customers. Great performance comes from well designed software running on high specification server hardware to deliver high availability and dependable results.

Combined, this is what we call Hyper-formance.

First Class Customer Support

Even the most evolved software systems experience gremlins or users make mistakes they cannot undo themselves.

And when you are highly dependant on a software system to help your business operate efficiently, it is critical that you can expect a highly responsive human support service.

Support is delivered via Telephone, Email or Online.

Hyperext Online Support Tool (HOST) is available 24/7 via https://host.hyperext.com

Don’t hesitate to contact us for

questions & collaborations.

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