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At the heart of every web project is this deceptively simple question: what do you want this thing to do? We are driven by function. If you're not looking for a website or web app that will transform your business, don't call 01744 69 79 29
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Hyperext creates high functioning web applications that drive successful businesses.

Where can we take you?

Hyperext is a Function First Digital Agency

We believe people are uniquely positioned to Lead, to Care and to Innovate. Everything else can and should be Automated. From 2020 if your business doesn’t use software to automate at least some of your common business administration tasks, your business will struggle to compete.


Hyperext brings you the latest Cloud, Web and Mobile technologies to give your business a competitive advantage. With the right software tailor made to support your business processes, your staff will benefit from having the tools and data they need to streamline their activities and your managers will have the analytical data they need to support their teams and make more informed decisions.


Hyperext offers comprehensive business management systems for growing businesses in Home Improvements, Commercial Interiors and Medico-Legal sectors. With Hyperext’s unique approach you can start with a proven ‘off the shelf’ Business Management System for your sector, which we can then tailor to precisely support your own very unique business operations. This delivery model means you effectively get a bespoke business software system in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost and with minimal risk!


Do you have an exciting new project in mind that requires something a bit out of the ordinary? We love working with extraordinary people!

Systems Integration

Are you streamlining your business and looking for a way to integrate your different systems for a more efficient workflow and better performance insights? We live for such intricate and truncated projects!

Web Apps

Do you have a requirement for a non-public facing web-based app? Anything from bookings to subscriptions, this is right up our street.

Software Development

Does your project require bespoke software to be built around the concept to bring it to reality? We are, above all else, custom coders, this kind of project puts a light under us.


Functional Development.

Functionality is a way of life. It’s a belief system. Great software doesn’t just look good, it works intuitively to make life easier.

We get a real buzz out of making your life easier. When you show someone a button that saves them 2 days of tedious work every week in a single click, you get some pretty positive reactions.

The goal is always to simplify the user experience and make your business more competitive, profitable and enjoyable.

Performance is King

Well written software continues to function quickly as the load is increased by adding users and growing your database.

Hyperext are continually working to deliver the fastest user experience for all our customers. Great performance comes from well designed software running on high specification server hardware to deliver high availability and dependable results.


Combined, this is what we call Hyper-formance.

First Class Customer Support

Even the most evolved software systems experience gremlins or users make mistakes they cannot undo themselves.


And when you are highly dependant on a software system to help your business operate efficiently, it is critical that you can expect a highly responsive human support service.

Support is delivered via Telephone, Email or Online.


Hyperext Online Support Tool (HOST) is available 24/7 via https://host.hyperext.com

Don’t hesitate to contact us for

questions & collaborations.

We exist because people like you have embarked upon an extraordinary journey. We would like to be a part of your success story. There’s only one way to find out if we’re the right people for your project. Let’s start a conversation.