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Linnworks Sage 50 Accounts Connector

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Linnworks is an ecommerce inventory and order management software that helps retailers automate processes, reduce costs & grow their business. With 100+ integrations you can be where your customers are, on whichever platform they’re on. Linnworks gives you easy access to hundreds of global marketplaces, D2C platforms, shipping providers, 3PLs, and more.

However, if you want to connect your Linnworks account to your Sage 50 Accounts software in real time, you’ll need our HyperWorks Connector.

The HyperWorks Connector by Hyperext automates the flow of data between your online Linnworks platform and your desktop Sage 50 Accounts.

Depending on your fulfilment process, we can configure HyperWorks to automatically create either Sales Orders or Sales Invoices in Sage.

You can also have HyperWorks automatically update inventory data from Sage to Linnworks, so you are never offering products you can’t deliver.

HyperWorks Linnworks Connector for Sage 50 Accounts is delivered as a managed setup that typically takes 1 week to complete.

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