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Sage 50 Payroll API

Integrate with Sage 50cloud Payroll in Real Time

Building on the success of our REST API for Sage 50 cloud Accounts we developed a Web API to allow developers of third party software systems to easily integrate with Sage 50 cloud Payroll software. Whether you need to Create New Employees, Submit Timesheets, Extract Payslips or Analyse Labour Costs, HyperPayroll API makes it seamless.

Our Sage Payroll API is delivering tremendous value to over 900 companies who have successfully integrated our Payroll API solution to automate key aspectes of their HR and Payroll processes, saving thousands in payroll admin costs.

Smart businesses are using our Payroll API to save on Sage Payslip costs by switching to Digital Payslips.

The Hyperext Payroll API or HyperPayroll API as we call it, is delivered via a fully managed on-premise remote installation with a perpetual license and annual support contract to cover upgrades and technical support.

The API currently has endpoints to expose the following Data Objects for Create, Read and Update operations:

  • Company
  • Cost Centre
  • Department
  • Employee
  • Company Payment
  • Company Deduction
  • Pension Scheme
  • Employee Payment
  • Employee Deduction
  • Employee Absence

The following endpoints are available as report endpoints and are read only:

  • P11
  • P32
  • Payslip
  • Payment Summary (Part 1)
  • Payment Summary (Part 2)
  • Pension Contributions

Please contact us for HyperPayroll pricing and documentation.

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