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Your Shopify Sales are on the up and up which is great! However, with additional sales comes additional admin and an increasing sense of urgency to fulfil orders quickly and smoothly, while handling customer queries and keeping the website up to date. When it was just a few orders a week, one person in accounts could easily absorb the additional admin into their daily workload. But now things are getting a bit more serious, perhaps you’ve hired someone new onto the team to help keep on top of the online orders.

If the above scenario describes your business then you’re likely starting to think about how to scale your online operation whilst keeping control of customer service, accounting and costs.

This article will help you weigh up the costs of additional admin staff against the cost of integrated software systems. Below is a breakdown of the Return on Investment (ROI) comparison between additional labour costs and reliable business automation in the form of the Shopify Sage 50 Accounts UK Connector developed and supported by Hyperext.

The average salary of an accounts assistant in the UK is £23,686 according to

Employer Salary Cost Table

The above table of employer costs from shows that the weekly equivalent business cost of the average salaried accounts assistant is £504. Assuming maximum 60% productivity, this buys you 22.5 hours per week of productive output for £504 thereby costing the business £22.40 per hour.

Let’s say that you are currently processing around 100 orders per week. Our Advanced package would be required to process this volume and the equivalent cost of that is just £23.07 per week.

We’ve done some reasearch and analysis of the time it takes to complete the multitude of small administrative tasks associated with processing e-commerce orders whilst keeping your finnace systems updated and your website stock in line with your warehouse stock and let’s not forget keeping customers updated on the prgress of their orders. We found that a healthy diligent employee who is samrt and well motivated could process between 200 and 300 orders per month. We have constructed the below ROI Calculator based on the mean capacity of 250 prders per month per fulltime employee.

Try the calculator to guage how much you could save by investing in the Hyperext Sage 50 Connector for Shopify.

With automation, businesses can either do the same sales with less staff or more sales with the same staff.

We find most of our customers want to grow and our automation helps them scale quickly and efficiently.

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