Case Study


What they needed our help with

Whitestep approached us as they were currently processing sales orders from Shopify & Mintsoft manually and this was significantly time consuming. With the plan to build 2 new websites, Whitestep was aware the growth in business and increasing of sales may mean the manual processes would become less sustainable for their business.

How we helped

We developed a fully automated integration between Shopify, Mintsoft & their Sage50 Accounting software. This meant that Whitestep would no longer have to manually create and send any sales order as the integration we developed would do this all for them.

The results we achieved

Whitestep now have a fully functioning automated workload between their Shopify, Mintsoft & Sage50 Accounts software. This integration enables Whitestep to do the same processes as before, however it is now done automatically & takes a fraction of the time.

This integration saves Whitestep around 2-3 hours daily.