Case Study


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What they needed our help with

Multibrands had invested in Zoho CRM to allow their sales team to manage customer relations and process orders but the Zoho CRM system was powerless without their core business data from Sage 50 Accounts, specifically Customer Account Details, Order History and Product Catalogue & Pricing Details.

How we helped

Hyperext used our experience of integrating third party software with Sage 50 Accounts using our Sage 50 Accounts API to develop a middleware solution to drive the communication between Sage 50 Accounts and Zoho CRM as required by Multibrands.

The results we achieved

Multibrands were able to grow their sales team by scaling their sales tools in the form of Zoho CRM whilst retaining their tried and trusted Sage 50 Accounts software for use only by trained finance personnel.

This step change in order processing capacity has allowed Multibrands to expand their sales operation, tripling the business turnover in just two years.