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What do we sell?

We sell APIs that automate your work processes. Our products help you produce more reliable results and reduce human error.

Our REST API for Sage 50 Accounts UK is the UK’s only fully functioning REST API for both Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50cloud Accounts. We also offer a REST API for Sage 50cloud Payroll UK. Our Sage Payroll API is provided as an on-premise remote installation with an annual support contract which covers upgrades and any technical support you should require.

Our automation software allows your staff to focus on more important aspects of their role and leaves the repetitive, time-consuming tasks to our software.

Pulling customer data, sending out invoices, editing employee data are just examples of processes in which human error is quite common. With our Sage APIs, most of this can be scheduled and done for you automatically.

Our business automation software will not only improve communication within your company, but also improve customer satisfaction.

Having one piece of software everyone in your business or company can utilise means there is no reason for anyone to miss information. Rather than using multiple systems, this one ingenious system allows you to manage all your processes in one database.

We are also a Sage authorised developer partner. This means the software and development we provide is supported by developer support direct from Sage. This means you can be rest assured that our products are reliable and trustworthy.

We also specialise in middleware solutions. We can save your business hundreds and thousands of staff hours by making sure your businesses data flows effortlessly, accurately and continuously between your systems.  Systems we have built middleware for before are: Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Linnworks & WooCommerce. If you want to make a middleware enquiry, please fill in our contact form.

How secure are your APIs?

By design & deployment, our API products are very secure. They are regularly subjected to penetration tests using professional penetration testing tools which have found no security vulnerabilities in the products.

All API requests require a unique 24-character alphanumeric token to be passed in the header for any of the request to be accepted. This token is unique to your API connection and will only be sent to yourself or someone you have authorised access to, such as a developer.

Furthermore, all communications are only permitted via HTTPS, secured by RSA 256-bit encryption.

Also, access to the web API is only available to specified IP addresses via customer Firewall configuration and we test this during setup process.

Finally, the services run on obscure high port numbers to avoid potential brute force attacks on standard SSL port 443.

We currently have over 500 active API connections across Accounts and Payroll products in daily operation and we’ve never experienced any security problems on any of these systems.

What do the API’s do?

Our Sage APIs push a wide range of requests and processes. Just a few examples are:

REST API for Sage50 Accounts: Automates sales invoices, shows the outstanding balance on customer accounts, add 1000 products automatically & allocate payments on accounts

REST API for Sage Payroll: Pulls historical payslips, P45 information & allows you to edit employee information

If you would like more in depth details of what both our REST APIs for Sage can do, please fill in a contact form and the documentation can be sent over for you to review.

Where does the API get installed?

We have two different options available:

HyperAccounts: This is installed locally on your own server/PC on premise. Should we ever need access to this server for any reason, we would contact yourselves or your IT team to gain access. We would never try to gain access without your authorisation first.

Hyperdrive: This API would be installed on a server hosted by us. You would have to grant us access via Remote Data Access, and we would connect the API that way.

How does the installation process work?

Firstly, we will need you to complete the set-up instructions on the checklist provided by us. Once completed, you will provide us access to where you are wanting the API to be installed.

Once the installation process has been completed and the API is testing successfully, we will provide you with access information in the form of a URL & a secure unique 24-character alphanumeric token.

We also send you the relevant documentation so that you and your development team and start your integration and development process.

If you have any further questions that have not been covered above, please email or fill in a contact form.

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