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Hyperext develops bespoke software such as business automation software, to fit your business like a glove
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Software Development

Office Furniture & Fit Out Processing Systems


This system enables product and quotation management alongside automated sales & purchase order generation. It can also be integrated with Sage 50

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Export Management System


This system generates shipping bookings, shipping instructions, bills of laden, consignment tracking and overseas agent interface

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Compensation Claims Management System


Includes case and diary management, expert fee management, appointment management, sage integration and micro practise management.

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Sales Order Processing Software


A system that includes sales, survey and installation diaries as well as allowing for extensive reporting, telemarketing and tracked mail marketing

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Hyperext develops bespoke software to fit your business like a glove.


Chances are you’ve found this webpage because you’ve been struggling to find something off-the-shelf, a quick fix, something that will fit your business requirements straight out the box. Alternatively you may have tried an off-the-shelf software package and it served its purpose for a while but now it’s starting to hold your business back. Either way Hyperext can help you. There are a number of articles online weighing up the various pros and cons of Bespoke vs Packaged Software.

Business Process Automation


Systemise the Routine and Humanise the Exception!


Most businesses have a range of administrative activities that happen routinely and others that happen from time to time or during certain periods. Automating your Routine Business Processes can save a significant amount of time every working day. This daily saving can turn into serious increases in business profitability as well as related improvements in customer experience as your team become more able to operate ‘on the front foot’!


If you’ve decided that things need to change and bespoke is the way forward for your business, the next thing to consider is how quickly you want to change! Every business is different not least of all because of the people and cultures within them. Imagine you had your own in-house software department… would you have them invest months and months creating an all singing all dancing system to answer all your prayers in one go, or would you have them create small modular pieces of functionality that would quickly improve your most inefficient/unreliable business processes whilst building towards your vision for a fully systemised business?


Hyperext’s flexible approach allows you to control the rate of change because we appreciate that no-one has a better understanding of the various drivers for and against change in your organisation such as; compliance, cost savings, staff morale, training requirements, cash flow, service levels, profitability, new opportunities in new markets and so on.


Building a Relationship


With Hyperext on your side you’ll have a company that will invest considerable time and effort in getting to know your business inside out to ensure you receive the optimum results from our business systemisation skills, realising the best possible value for money and ultimately return on investment. The key to enduring business relationships is mutual benefit and this is at the heart of our culture. All Hyperext personnel understand that every pound our clients spend on information systems technology must return at least that to ensure that technology is not just a necessary evil but a sound financial investment.

The easiest way to find out what’s best for your business is to contact Hyperext for a free, ‘no strings’ initial consultation to discuss your requirements.