Hyperext | HyperWorks – Linnworks integration with Sage 50cloud Accounts
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HyperWorks – Linnworks integration with Sage 50cloud Accounts

HyperWorks – Linnworks integration with Sage 50cloud Accounts

Connect Linnworks to Sage 50cloud Accounts using HyperWorks

Linnworks is a popular e-commerce management platform that makes it easy for online traders to sell their products through multiple digital marketplaces whilst processing orders, controlling stock and tracking fulfilment all one one central portal.

Sales Order Automation

Ebay, Amazon, Shopify  and Magento can all be managed centrally via Linnworks and now with Hyperext’s new two-way Sage integration for Linnworks (HyperWorks) you can stream your online sales flow straight into your Sage 50 Accounts as and when orders are placed on any of your digital marketplaces.

Stock Level Automation

Up to the minute stock information is also relayed continuously from Sage to Linnworks and then out to your online shops, ensuring you always have accurate stock availability advertised on your websites.

How to get HyperWorks

This integration is a not a simple download and install it yourself solution. The HyperWorks  solution is available from Hyperext as a managed installation as there are various technical challenges unique to each customer’s environment as well as business requirements that we must fulfil to ensure your data flows exactly as desired to make your e-commerce business run like a well oiled machine.

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