Hyperext | 4 Signs Your Business Needs New Software
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4 Signs Your Business Needs New Software

4 Signs Your Business Needs New Software

There’s no rulebook to tell you when your company should be investing in new software, so we put together a quick guide to explain how you’ll know when it’s time.


  1. Your team is spending too much time on Admin tasks


Admin tasks are notoriously time consuming, in growing businesses especially.


Employing more admin staff may be one way around this problem, however this is a massive cost to your business, not only paying wages but also having to spend time training these new staff up. There are only so many staff you employ for the same job before it becomes too much.


The risk of human error in administrative jobs is massive, your employees are only human, and they’re bound to make mistakes. Although completely normal, these mistakes cost your business money and precious time.


Investing in new software to automate admin tasks means you will not only save your business money, employing less people, but your existing admin staff will have more time to focus on the more beneficial, essential tasks.


  1. Your business is growing faster than you predicted


Your business is doing great and gaining more attention and custom than you anticipated, it’s almost impossible not to get stressed about this.


With orders coming in faster than you can process them, you need a system that can manage your orders and stock levels for you, leaving you to grow your business even further.


There are many types of software out there, from sales processing systems to ERP systems, to help growing businesses keep track of their processes.


  1. You need to access your data from different places


If you’re a growing business, branching out with offices in different locations, you’ll need your teams across all of the sites to have access to the same data.


You might have some employees who work from home a few days in the week, emailing documents home to work on and being less productive because they cant access the data they need.


Cloud software is the answer to these problems. Software systems based in the cloud mean all data stored in them can be accessed anywhere, at anytime on any device, meaning your staff can be more productive no matter where they are.


  1. You’re not working efficiently enough


Often producing and sending invoices can be a big hassle, with them being late or not received. Business Automation software can do this for you, meaning you can send out invoices to your customers. Likewise, these pieces of software can respond to invoices and, when connected to your bank account, pay them for you in time.


Using a software system means information, usually added into your existing systems manually, can automatically inputted, saving you time.


Customer service is all about being quick and efficient whilst keeping the customer happy. Having all the information you need in one database means customers can be kept updated easily and don’t have to wait around for you to find certain pieces of information.



If you’re relating to any of these situations then get in touch with us today to see how we can help

Steve Smith