Future of Sage 50 UK

You may have seen numerous reports online that support for Sage 50 is due to stop in 2022 causing a lot of worry within the accounting sector, but is it true? Let’s find out…

The answer is kind of. What I mean by that is, yes Sage have advised that Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50cloud Accounts versions 26.2 and below will no longer be accessible, however this does not mean that Sage 50 is dead. In fact, far from it! According to AlphaLogix, over 400,000 companies inside the UK use Sage 50 Accounts so it is of no surprise that Sage are continuing the Sage 50 product and support for version 27 and above. To keep using Sage it’s as simple as upgrading your programme!

As with all things these days, Sage are offering a cloud-based accounting solution which was also rumoured to be taking over the Sage 50 Cloud accounts desktop solution however with the engrained customer base of circa 200,000 desktop customers we can’t see it going anywhere anytime soon! If anything, from our own research and client feedback more companies are wanting to move away from the cloud-based solution due to the lack of functionality.

We have done a full post around Sage Business Cloud vs Sage 50 Cloud which can be found HERE, comparing both products the desktop bound Sage 50 Cloud takes the win.  The fully cloud-based solution can’t cater to as many clients due to its incapability of performing tasks such as sales & purchase order processing, stock control etc which are vital for so many companies around the UK.

So, to recap there is no need to worry! Make sure your Sage programme is up to date and continue to use the desktop Sage 50 Cloud Accounts product for total accounting piece of mind!

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