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Sage 50 UK Payroll Integrations

Sage 50 UK Payroll Integrations

What is Payroll Integration?

Payroll integration is a way of streamlining your payroll management processes such as wage
payments and employee records. Payroll integration optimises the efficiency of the processes
and reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks. This integration allows the employees that work
within the payroll/HR department to reduce their responsibilities surrounding the payroll
processes and will enable them to allocate their time more strategically to other important
aspects of their role.

What are the benefits?

Like many business automation softwares, the key benefits are the reduction of human error
and mistakes. Payroll integration is also significantly time-saving. It can take a process that
usually takes a few hours manually, and reduce them down to be completed automatically in

Research has found that in the UK, employee workloads have increased by 69% and stress
levels are on the rise by 59%. The same research has also found that 56% of employees have
advised they have spent less time outside of work due to the increase in workloads.
Consequently, all these factors will undoubtedly have a significant negative effect on employee
satisfaction and workplace morale.

In an economy where employees are required to work faster and smarter, software integration
becomes key to getting ahead of your competitors. Research states that nearly half of UK
employees advised they could get between 25-50% more work done if automation software
takes on their repetitive tasks.

How can we help?

If you are looking to streamline your payroll processes and allow your employees to invest their
time more efficiently elsewhere, then our REST API for Sage50 Payroll is for you!

The Hyperext Payroll API or HyperPay API as we call it, is delivered as a fully managed
on-premise remote installation with a perpetual license and annual support contract to cover
upgrades and technical support.

The API currently has endpoints to expose the following Data Objects for Create, Read and
Update operations:

● Company
● Cost Centre
● Department
● Employee
● Company Payment
● Company Deduction
● Pension Scheme
● Employee Payment
● Employee Deduction
● Employee Absence

The following endpoints are available as report endpoints and are read only:

● P11
● P32
● Payslip
● Payment Sumary (Part 1)
● Payment Summary (Part 2)
● Pension Contributions

For examples of our most recent Sage50 Payroll integrations, please click here and here

Please contact us for HyperPay pricing and documentation.

If you have any questions, please visit out FAQs page or contact us

Charlotte Beadle