Hyperext | Cool Websites for Businesses in the Cooling Industries
Hyperext discusses how refrigeration businesses need to up their social media and website gain to appeal to generation Z
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Cool Websites for Businesses in the Cooling Industries

Cool Websites for Businesses in the Cooling Industries

In a recent article about the future of the cooling industry, Andrew Gaved (writing for MultiBrief) identified that Generation Z (or post-millenials) have a different outlook that will require wide-scale industrial adaptation.

Commenting on reports produced by European Partnership for Energy & the Environment (EPEE) and European Ventilation Industry Association (EVIA), following their “Eureka” conference last year, Gaved observes:

“A fundamental issue is that the internet has been a regular feature of their (Gen Zers) daily life since early childhood, and they are comfortable with technology and with interacting with people around the world on social media”

What this means is that refrigeration companies must now pay more attention to their website and social media profiles, or risk being left behind as Gen Zers become business owners and key decision-makers.

In our experience, HVAC industries are among the last to adopt a modern, forward-thinking attitude towards websites, web marketing, app technology, and social media. While other industries are carrying out annual reviews of their digital equity and adopting new technologies to attract Gen Zers, we see most HVAC companies shy away from social media, web applications, and other digital technology; their only online asset being an out-dated website that no longer even conforms to current accessibility.

There are one or 2 notable exceptions, such as MTCSS and JAM, who are working towards future proofing their digital presence. It’s companies like these that will come out on top in the course of the next decade because Gen Zers will relate to them. Those that don’t make appropriate forward steps now will see business drop as customers gradually retire, and their successors have no particular loyalty to continue the relationship.

If you feel your website is out-dated, and social media is leaving you out of touch, we’d like to speak with you. Call or email for a no obligation chat about how we can help you the same way we’ve helped other refrigeration businesses.

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