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Hyperext are driven by function, but where does this originate
Form Follows Function, Hyperext
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Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function

What use is a picturesque building if it can’t complete its purpose?


An arena is no use if it can’t hold thousands upon thousands of fans, no matter how gorgeous it is on the outside.


A restaurant is no use if it doesn’t play host to enough tables, even if it looks like it could serve Michelin-starred food from the outside.


Likewise, software is no use if it can’t process simple requests, no matter how high tech it looks.


At Hyperext we believe, “Form follows function” is the backbone of our business.


One of the major laws in design and architecture, ‘Form follows function’ derived from an extract from a book written by Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. Pollio believed structure must display the three qualities of ‘firmitas, utilitas, ventustas’ – more simply – a building must be solid, useful and beautiful. However, the more memorable, plain English phrase “form follows function” was fashioned by American architect Louis Sullivan.

The principle of the quote is that the shape of a structure should be dictated by its function rather than for aesthetic purposes, this however, does not mean the structure can’t be beautiful. We believe this rule fits perfectly into software development.

Our Managing Director, Steven Smith, believes that – in our world, finding the balance between design and development is key.


The way we see it is, if we were to put most of our focus on making our software aesthetically pleasing, then the software itself may suffer. Here at Hyperext we would never sell a subpar piece of work to anyone.

We don’t want to be limited by design; we enjoy being able to develop our software further, without any frustrating constraints.

We believe the success of any product goes way beyond its appearance and design, our mantra ‘Driven By Function’ speaks for itself. Above all else, we focus on the function and practicality of our software but that’s not to say our software isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Hyperext aim to create experiences and functionality for every one of our customers; we want our work to meet their individual needs exactly and make their day-to-day life that little bit easier.

Emily Wade