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Sage 50 Accounts UK REST API – Version Two

The long awaited and massively improved version two of HyperAccounts, our REST API for Sage 50 Accounts UK is now available on Beta release!

HyperAccounts V1 has grown organically over the last decade iterating through countless releases responding to the feedback of hundreds of developers who have implemented it to solve the Sage 50 integration problem for their customers.

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V2 is not a facelifted version of our successful V1 API for Sage 50 Accounts UK. V2 has been completely rebuilt from scratch to be the most feature rich and developer friendly REST API for Sage 50 Accounts on the UK market.

There are several features that customers (developers) have been asking for that were not possible to implement in V1 without creating breaking changes. Starting over with ‘Vee Two’, as we’ve lovingly known it for the last 2 years, allowed us to distill all the knowledge we’ve accrued from 10 years of Sage API development, to create an exemplary REST API with a beautiful, intuitive schema that adheres to the JSON API standard.

In keeping with our aim to make this API developer friendly, we have produced new interactive Swagger documentation. Additionally, we have published both a PHP SDK and a Dot Net SDK to make it easy to consume our V2 API inside your own software project.

Hyperext continues to work closely with Sage Developer Support to ensure our API products are fully compatible with the latest versions of Sage 50 Accounts UK. (version 29.0 at the time of writing)

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Major Improvements in HyperAccounts V2 compared to HyperAccounts V1

  • JSON API Compliant Schema
    As mentioned above, V2 has been written from the ground up to adhere to the best practise standard defined at This is particularly helpful when working with dates and times and also in ensuring consistency in naming conventions and data structures throughout the API.

  • Swagger Interactive Documentation
    HyperAccounts V2 now comes with integrated swagger documentation. This means that whatever release of V2 you are using in development, you can rest assured that you have easy instant access to the corresponding version of documentation to help you quickly get what you need from the API.

  • Request Validation
    One of the biggest frustrations for developers implementing HyperAccounts V1 has been the generic error response ‘Error – provided model is invalid’, which typically happens when either a mandatory field is missing from the request body or a field is populated with an out of range value. V2 has detailed validation on every field on every endpoint that provides detailed feedback in the response if any request parameters are out of range.

  • Full Data Response to POST and PATCH
    Upon successful update of your record in Sage from a POST or PATCH request, V2 will return the full JSON data of the updated record in the response, so you can be sure that your update has been recorded in Sage.

  • Optional Includes
    With V2 you can optionally extend responses to GET requests to include related records. For example, you can include Addresses, Invoices and/or Projects in the Customer endpoint. This flexibility can significanty reduce your development time whilst also making your integration more efficient in operation.

  • Result Pagination
    To prevent excess memory use when large result sets are requested with hundreds or even thousands of records, V2 features automatic pagination of results, defaulting to 10 records per page. The number of results per page can be easily specified in your GET request.

  • Webhooks
    Instead of frequently polling endpoints to check for changes, you can now use the API to configure webhooks that will automatically notify your application of changes in Sage data.

  • Connection Pooling
    Faster request processing and improved parallel processing! The bottleneck in our V1 API has always been the response time of the Sage Data Object library and in particular establishing a read/write connection. V2 manages a Sage connection pool which has dramatiocally improved response times by maintaining open connections to Sage and cleverly sharing these between threads to minimise connect/disconnect delays.

HyperAccounts Vee Two is available on Beta release from 1st April 2023. Please email to request pricing information.