Hyperext | AA Media Billing Integration
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AA Media Billing Integration

AA Media Billing Integration

 What they needed our help with…



AA Media provide complete design, print, promotional and media solutions for clients.



With orders increasing, they were looking for a software solution that would automate their billing processes.




How we helped…



We installed our Sage50 Accounts REST API on to their working environment and connected it to their Sage programme (HyperAccounts)



This meant their data would flow automatically and securely to and from the Sage50 Accounts programme.


The results we achieved…



This client now has fully automated billing integration. The use of our Sage50 Accounts REST API eliminates the need for this to be done manually on a regular basis.


This automation process allows the client to invest their time and money in other areas of their business.


6th December 2022


API End User, Sage 50cloud Accounts integration