Hyperext | Alph4 Business Lending Portal Integration
Hyperext's description of the work we did for Chameleon Business Interiors, specifically the sales order processing system.
Hyperext, Business interiors, sales order processing system, sage, software integration
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Alph4 Business Lending Portal Integration

Alph4 Business Lending Portal Integration

 What they needed our help with…



Alph4 wanted to seamlessly extract real-time data instantly to their Business Portal so their clients are able to analyse financial data from their own clients accounting records.



How we helped…



We connect their clients to our Sage50 Accounts REST API on a hosted server so they can access their own client records easily and securely.


The results we achieved…



Alph4 clients can successfully use our API to push data to and from the Sage50 Accounts programme in real-time. This enables them to extract specific data instantly and securely.


5th December 2022


API Reseller