Hyperext | Findley Roofing and Building
Findley Roofing and Building approached Hyperext needing a web app and order processing software to help their growing business
Findley Roofing and Building, Hyperext, Web App, Software, Order Processing
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Findley Roofing and Building

Findley Roofing and Building

Sales Order Processing system

What they needed our help with…


Findley came to us as a rapidly growing roofing and building business that were struggling to keep up with the amount of sales they were making. The management realised they desperately needed some software to help their admin team deal with the amount of sales they were quoting instead of hiring more and more employees.


How we helped…


Hyperext already had a piece of sales order processing software being used by a number of other companies, which we then tailored to support Findley’s ever-growing business needs. This piece of software helps the admin staff by carrying out the repetitive, time consuming tasks.


The software also allows everyone in the company to have an overview of what how well the company is doing, and creates healthy competition between the sales team by showing graphs of everyones sales that month/week.


The results we achieved…


Findley’s orders are now processed with more accuracy, meaning their admin staff are able to process many more orders than before with less human error.



26th June 2017


Software Development