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Hyperext developed a web app for Event Marketing Solution, within a very small timescale, which allowed them to grow as a business
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Konica Minolta Accounts & Payroll API Reseller

Konica Minolta Accounts & Payroll API Reseller

What they needed our help with…



Konica were implementing a timesheet Workflow for a client and needed assistance connecting to their clients Sage Payroll.


Their client had a manually process which was done on printed excel sheets for around 1000 employees to record their work hours on each week.


Once the employees recorded their work hours, the excel went off to a manager for approval and once approved it went over to finance for them to manually input the worked hours into Sage Payroll.


The process was extremely time consuming and wasn’t a simple process if a printed excel sheet was lost or unreadible!



How we helped…



We connected our Sage 50 Payroll API (HyperPay) to the clients Sage programme.


This secure connection into Sage Payroll allowed us to provide Konica a way to communicate with the clients existing Payroll system and to connect a Nintex workflow system to automate the timesheets.



The results we achieved…



The timesheet workflow as well as our Sage Payroll API were a success and the end client is now set up and has a fully automated created timesheet by clicking 1 button!


This is saving them hours of manual input each week as well as now having confidence the data inputted is correct!


Since setting this up, Konica have taken on a new project which is transferring data from their DocuWare system directly into Sage Accounts which uses our Sage 50 Accounts API (HyperAccounts).


5th December 2022


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